3IA papers at international scientific conferences

Published on September 12, 2023 Updated on September 22, 2023

Discover the 3IA papers accepted at international scientific conferences.

  • Attributes-Aware Network for Temporal Action Detection. R. Dai, S. Das, M. Ryoo and F. Bremond
  • A2V: A Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation Framework for Brain Vessel Segmentation via Two-Phase Training Angiography-to-Venography Translation. F. Galati, D. Falcetta, R. Cortese, B. Casolla, F. Prados, N. Burgos, MA. Zuluaga
  • Multi-masks Generation for Increasing Robustness of Dense Direct Methods. Ziming Liu, Ezio Malis, Philippe Martinet
    • This work shows an efficient and robust masking method for the direct visual odometry methods. It can be widely used for visual depth estimation and localization tasks.
  • Are labels informative in semi-supervised learning? Estimating and leveraging the missing-data mechanism. A. Sportisse, H. Schmutz, O. Humbert, C. Bouveyron, P.-A. Mattei