An algorithm of Jean-Charles Régin used by NASA

Published on June 1, 2022 Updated on June 3, 2022

In 1994, Jean Charles Régin published a paper on the alldiff constraint that became a classic and was awarded the AAAI paper award in 2013.

Researchers at NASA's Quantum AI Lab published a quantum version of this algorithm in 2020 and then a journal article on the relationship between quantum algorithms and constraint programming was published in 2021.

The researchers' idea is to make quantum co-processors that would be associated with each constraint in the problem. To learn more about the topic, you can watch the talk and read the article.

Jean-Charles Régin is full Professor at the Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis and holds a 3IA Côte d'Azur chair. He is head of the C&A (Constraints and Application) team of the I3S. He is a world known researcher in Constraint Programming (CP).