Inria WebCrow Crossword challenge: AI vs Human

Published on January 9, 2023 Updated on January 10, 2023

on the January 12, 2023

Amphitheatre Morgenstern – Kahn Building
WebCrow is a software system based on AI technology for crossword solving designed by Pr. Marco Gori and his team members in partnership with the company . It is based on natural language and constraint satisfaction models for cracking crosswords in English and Italian. An extension to French is currently underway with support of the 3iA Côte d'Azur Institute, which will be presented together with a crossword challenge on January 12 at 1pm at Inria.

From Monday 09/01 at 9am, you can train on this website.


1:00pm - 3IA initiative on crossword solving
Charles Bouveyron Director of 3IA Côte d’Azur and Marc Barret Industrial Partnerships Manager

1: 05pm - The WebCrow Intelligent Agent for cracking crosswords: A Brief History of the Project
Marco Gori, 3IA international Chair, Professor of Computer Science, University of Siena

THE CHALLENGE: AI or you, who will be the strongest ??
1:10pm - The WebCrow Crossword challenge: AI vs Human

Giovanni Angelini ( and Marco Ernandes (
  •  /!\ to participate bring your own laptop
  • Book your seat here: Eventbrite

2:00pm - Closing the challenge, discussion on the results and distribution of the 3IA gifts to the 5 best players present in the room

2:00pm - French crosswords and porting WebCrow to French
Fanny Simoes and Caroline Stehle from 3IA Techpool with Serge Prasil, cruciverbist and creator of word grids

02:15pm- Insights on Crosswords Solving
Giovanni Angelini ( and Marco Ernandes (

02:25pm- Insights on Crosswords Generation
Gabriele Ciravegna 3IA postdoc researcher, Marco Gori and Kamyar Zeinalipour (

End at 2:30pm

An event organized by 3IA Côte d’Azur