International chairs


Axis 1 | Core elements of AI


Marco Gori

Full professor of computer science at the University of Siena and head of SAILab (Siena Artificial Intelligence Lab)


Axis 2 | AI for integrative computational medicine


Sebastien Ourselin

Sebastien Ourselin is Head of the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King’s, which is dedicated to the development, clinical translation and clinical application of medical imaging, computational modelling, minimally invasive interventions and surgery. He is Director of the EPSRC Image-Guided Therapies UK Network. He is co-founder of Brainminer, an academic spin-out commercialising machine learning algorithms for brain image analysis.

Axis 3 | AI for Computational Biology and Bio-inspired AI


David Wales

Solution landscapes for Machine Learning

We explore machine learning landscapes in the cost function parameter space, which isanalogous to the potential energy surface of a molecule as a function of atomic coordinates. Ongoing advances in methodology developed in chemical physics, can therefore be immediately applied to ML solution landscapes.

Our objectives are to use these tools to design improved predictions, and apply them to problems in molecular science and health care. In particular, we seek improved machine learning tools for clinician diagnostic support, to provide earlier detection of the deteriorating (and improving) patient. Specific applications include prediction of readmission to intensive care, which represent a failure in down-transfer to the ward, and are often associated with patient mortality.