The 3IA software engineering support platform dedicated to R&D partnerships and innovation

3IA techpool is the new 3IA Côte d’Azur software engineering organization consisting of engineering experts in digital technologies knowledgeable on the scientific state-of-the-art of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. 

R&D partnerships between 3IA Côte d’Azur and companies can charge 3IA techpool with software development projects to evaluate the application of technologies from Research on the companies uses-cases of interest, with the goal of technology transfer.

Startups, or Startup Projects, collaborating with 3IA Côte d’Azur, can rely on 3IA techpool for, technology maturation, evaluation, prototyping, or technology transfer.

Your partnership contact will provide you with all the modalities, as well as the attractive pricing and conditions, for benefiting from the 3IA techpool services.

3IA engineers have joined the software engineer team of Inria Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée. They benefit from the technical support of Inria including its computer platforms.

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