Chair holder | David Gesbert


David Gesbert (Eurecom)


Short bio

David Gesbert is a Professor and head of the Communications Systems Department of EURECOM. He is also heading the Foundations and Algorithms group. He welcomes collaboration with brilliant students and passionate researchers in the fields of communication theory, signal processing for (wireless) networks, information theory, optimization and connected robotics. He teaches "Advanced Topics in Wireless" (Fall) and "Information theory" (Fall) at EURECOM. He has been named in the Thomson-Reuters List of Highly Cited Researchers in Computer Science. He is a Fellow of IEEE. He is a Board member for the OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software Alliance. Since 2015, he is the holder of an Advanced ERC grant on the topic of Smart Device Communications. Since early 2019, he heads the Huawei-funded Chair on Adwanced Wireless Systems Towards 6G Networks. Since 2020, he holds a 3IA Chair funded on the topic of AI for future IoT Networks.


Research topic | Internet of Learning Thing, a machine learning approach to future IoT networks

In this chair, we develop cooperative forms of decision making, that can be implemented on distributed IoT devices, and not relying on the assumption that all data is centralized in the cloud. IoT devices can learn to coordinate with each other in their usage of the wireless spectrum, energy, and other resources while dealing with arbitrary noise uncertainties in their observation data. Cooperative machine learning will bring a profound evolution in IoT system design, both at the level of radio access, as well as in the manner services will be orchestrated and how resources will be allocated.