Chair holder | Elena Di Bernardino


Elena Di Bernardino (Université Côte d'Azur)


Short bio

Elena Di Bernardino is Professor at Université Côte d'Azur. Her research interests include: 

  • Spatio-temporal dependence, random processes and fields (Gaussian, Poisson, shot noise, ...), copula theory, level sets (Level Set Theory), overflow probabilities (Level Crossing Models).
  • Inference for geometric functions on random fields, theory of multivariate extreme values, copula estimation and dependence between rare events, detection of anomalies, estimation of multivariate sets of levels and quantum surfaces, theory of empirical processes.
  • Natural and environmental risks, insurance and finance risks, medical imaging, neuroscience (spikes).
She received the Simons-CRM Researchers Award in 2019 and a Doctoral and Research Supervision Award (2015 & 2019 campaigns).

Research topic | Territorial Security through environmental risks management

This project deals with risk assessments related to environmental extreme events. Analyses and predictions of floods, summer heatwaves, and storms are significant questions facing statisticians and risk assessors. Such environmental risks are the result of a long chain of casualties, involving several aleas, often correlated, with complex spatio-temporal dependent structures among extremes.

Our contributions in the prevention and management of environmental risks, will be twofold: 1/ Proposing novel and realistic definitions of risks indicators in environmental contexts.
2/ Studying in-depth their statistical inference, i.e. specifying more accurately the associated uncertainties.

In this project, the skills required to handle the modeling of these uncertainties are stochastic processes and random fields, spatio-temporal models, multivariate extreme theory, as well as practical expertise on spatial and environmental data gathered from firms in 3IACôte d’Azur.