Chair holder | Jean-Charles Régin


Jean-Charles Régin (Université Côte d'Azur)


Short bio

Jean-Charles Régin is full Professor at the Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis. He is Head of the C&A (Constraints and Application) team of the I3S. He is a world known researcher in Constraint Programming (CP). In 2013, he received the Research Excellence Award from the Constraint Programming Association (ACP) for both his theoretical and practical contributions.
His research interests are: Constraint Programming (CP), Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (MDD), Parallel Constraint Programming, Statistics based Constraints: Sampling, Markov Chain, Dispersion, Spread, Deviation, Over Constrained Problems, Global Constraints, Modeling and Solving of Real World Problems: Bin Packing, TSP, Car Sequencing.


Research topic | Decision Intelligence

We are designing explainable decision-making processes satisfying real world constraints in a multi-objective environment including incomplete, fuzzy or stochastic data.