Chair holder | Laure Blanc-Féraud


Laure Blanc-Féraud (CNRS)


Short bio

Laure Blanc-Féraud is a CNRS Research Director at the Informatics, Signals and Systems Laboratory of Sophia-Antipolis (I3S). She focuses her activity on 3-D microscopy imaging in biology. Her research interests include: inverse problems in image processing, sparse l0 optimization, nonlinear regularization, discontinuity preservation, variational approach, stochastic approach, sparse estimation, wavelet transform, parameter estimation, image decomposition.


Research topic | Imaging for biology 

Recent advances in microscope technology provide outstanding images that allow biologists to address fundamental questions. This project aims at developing new AI methods and algorithms for (i) novel acquisition setups for super resolution imaging, and (ii) extraction of valuable quantitative information from these large heterogeneous datasets.