Chair holder | Maria A. Zuluaga


Short bio

Maria A. Zuluaga is an Assistant Professor in the Data Science department at Eurecom.

Her current research focuses on the development of machine learning techniques that can be safely deployed in high risk domains, such as healthcare, by addressing data complexity, low tolerance to errors and poor reproducibility.

To address these, her research agenda is structured around three axis:

  • Interactive machine learning for data handling,
  • Error assessment to assist high-risk decisions,
  • Definition and setup of evaluation and validation frameworks.

Research topic | Learning-based Models in Medical Imaging: Closing the Gap towards Clinical Translation 

We aim to close the gap hindering the translation of AI systems into clinical practice. To this end, we develop novel AI tools for healthcare that 1) learn incrementally as data become available, 2) generalize across multi-modal data and 3) perform quality control of a model and can generate alerts when a decreased in performance is detected.