Chair holder | Maxime Sermesant


Maxime Sermesant (Inria)


Short bio

Maxime Sermesant is a permanent researcher at Inria. He is Head of Computational Cardiology at Inria Epione and Head of Multimodal Data Science at IHU Liryc. He is also the co-founder and scientific advisor of inHEART and co-founder of Therapixel. His research interests include: biomedical image processing, organ modelling and machine learning. 


Research topic | AI and biophysical models for computational cardiology

The application of AI in healthcare is challenging due to its lack of robustness and explainability. This project aims to introduce physiological priors in AI through biophysical models. This can be done by reformulating problems through such models, by learning spatiotemporal dynamics from biophysics or by augmenting features and data with such simulations.