Chair holder | Patricia Reynaud-Bouret


Patricia Reynaud-Bouret (CNRS)


Short bio

Patricia Reynaud-Bouret is Director of research at CNRS (LJAD, math lab). She funded the Neuromod Institute and is now co-director. Her research interests include: neurosciences and cognition (analysis of spikes trains and functional connectivity, learning models), adaptive statistics (model selection, Lasso and multiple testing), point processes (Hawkes, Poisson, Aalen), concentration inequalities. She was awarded the CNRS Silver Medal in 2021 and received the Pierre Faurre Prize of the French Academy of Sciences in 2020.


Research topic | MEL: Modeling and estimating learning 

We are defining new probabilistic models and new estimation methods to understand the deformation of functional connectivity during learning in in vivo experiments.