Chair holder | Pierre Alliez


Short bio

Pierre Alliez is a Research Director at Inria Sophia Antipolis. He is Head of the Project-team TITANE. His research interests include: geometry compression, surface approximation, mesh parameterization, surface remeshing, mesh generation and surface reconstruction. He received the Eurographics Young Researcher Award 2005. He was program co-chair of the EUROGRAPHICS Symposium on Geometry Processing 2008, Pacific Graphics 2010, Geometric Modeling and Processing 2014, EUROGRAPHICS 2019 and Solid and Physical Modeling 2019. He has been awarded in 2011 a Starting Grant from the ERC (European Research Council), entitled “IRON”, which stands for “Robust Geometry Processing”. He also received an ERC proof of concept grant, entitled “TITANIUM” (software components for robust geometry processing) in 2017.


Research topic | 3D modeling of large-scale environments for the smart territory 

We are exploring the generation of rich 3D vector maps with semantic attributes from raw measurement data. We plan to learn geometric priors and error metrics that locally adapt to the semantic class of objects. We are developing a pliant approach with the capability to model the wide range of objects, which abound in open environments of the smart territories.