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Pierre Berthet-Rayne (Caranx Medical)






Short bio

Pierre Berthet-Rayne is the Chief Technical Officer at Caranx Medical.
Pierre received a Master’s degree in electronics and control from Polytech’Montpellier (France) in 2009 and a MRes in Medical Robotics and Image Guided Intervention with distinction from Imperial College London (UK) in 2015. He pursued his PhD at the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery on the development of an endoscopic robot called the i²Snake.
Pierre has experience in both research and industry. He was a Postdoc in the Robotics and vision in Medicine Lab at King’s College London and a visiting scholar in the computational robotics research group (UNC Chapel Hill, USA) and in the model based design lab (UA Tucson, USA). Pierre also worked for two years as an embedded software engineer.
His research interests include surgical robots, tendon-driven robots, snake-like robots, and human-robot collaboration.


Research topic | AI for Autonomous Surgical Robots

Today's surgical robots are teleoperated mechatronic devices coupled with an imaging system that allow a clinician to perform surgery remotely with improved dexterity, vision, and precision. The future generation of surgical robots will follow the same paradigm as the aeronautics and automotive industries to evolve toward fully autonomous machines. Our ambition is to leverage the latest advances in AI for image processing, context awareness (through sensors and data processing), design, and control to develop a surgical robot that can plan a procedure, interact with clinicians, and perform surgery autonomously under the clinician’s supervision, ultimately providing the best quality of care for all patients.