Chairs "Core elements of AI"

Knowledge representation and reasoning 

  • Combining machine learning with symbolic methods 
  • Web-based knowledge representation and processing 
  • Bridging unstructured, structured and semantic data 
  • Reason on complex heterogeneous dynamic networks 

Interpretable, explainable and trustable AI 

  • Traceable knowledge representation Ontology-based pruning and specialization 
  • Certified AI algorithms and data security 
  • Normalization and future legislation of AI 

Statistical, machine and deep learning 

  • Unsupervised/self-supervised learning 
  • Learning with heterogeneous data 
  • Optimal transport and mean-field games 
  • Topological and geometrical data analysis 

Constraint-aware AI 

  • Small data, active learning, approximate methodsDistributed and federated AI/edge AI 
  • Online/real-time learning and decision 
  • Reasoning under and against uncertainty

3IA International Chair 

Marco Gori

3IA Chair holders


Elena Cabrio

Motonobu Kanagawa

Pierre Alexandre Mattei

Giovanni Neglia



Jean Daniel Boissonnat

Charles Bouveyron

Maurizio Filippone

Rémi Flamary

Fabien Gandon


Marco Lorenzi

Jean-Charles Régin

Xavier Pennec

Carlos Simpson

Andrea G.B Tettamanzi

Serena Villata

3IA affiliate chair

Freddy Limpens